Aftermarket cases for the range of Korg Volca synthesisers.

Streamline your studio workflow by recording controller movements into your DAW from the instruments themselves!

Created to help you get the most from your instrument!

Enhance your Korg Volca synth with a stylish new case.

Designed to give it the external space for all the internal connections to be available for use (as they were intended).

Expose the available internal CV/audio solder points on mini-jack sockets & give it a real MIDI output! Or just make it look less boring...

For what our cases can help enable for your machine, please see "What's in my instrument?"

Both designs allow you to migrate the existing battery tray, battery cover, feet, speaker and speaker mounting to the new case.

Please be aware we are only selling the cases. The instruments themselves are not supplied.

Standard Case

A drop-in replacement for the standard case, in a range of stylish finishes (click the links below for the product pages on

Price: £15.99

Note: This model doesn't allow for external connections as it's the same size as the original case.

"Max" Case

A replacement for the standard case, with blanked holes for MIDI out and six mini-jacks (giving 12 connections if you use 3-pole sockets).

Available in a range of stylish finishes (click this link for the product page on

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • White

  • Translucent (see the LED's inside!)

Price: £19.99

Includes 5-pin DIN socket for MIDI connector + 3 x 12cm wires.

Other connector recommendations are listed here


Please see the FAQ page for answers to any questions you may have.If yours is not answered, please contact us with your query.

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Silver - Standard

Gold - Standard

White - Standard

Translucent - Standard

Silver - Max

Gold - Max

White - Max

Translucent - Max