Volca Case - White - Max

Once you've installed one of these cases - streamline your studio workflow by recording controller movements into your DAW from the instrument itself.

  • DESIGNED TO BE A DROP-IN REPLACEMENT FOR THE STANDARD CASE - Our team of engineers worked for weeks ensuring the details of the original case and accessories were preserved or improved, to ensure that the existing parts fit your new case.

  • AVAILABLE IN A RANGE OF SIZES AND STYLISH FINISHES - Tired of the standard 'grey' case? Choose a new one to match the instrument itself or something else in your studio. This white model will always match the buttons 🙂

  • 3D PRINTED FROM ECO-FRIENDLY PLA - A corn-starch based plastic, it contains no fossil-fuels and is professionally compostable. The material itself can be reused up to five times.

  • UTILISES YOUR EXISTING INSTRUMENT - Instrument not included. This item listing is for the case only. If you're looking for this, you'll likely already have at least one of the range of Volca synth's and be looking to expand what you can get out of it.

  • INCLUDES 5-PIN DIN SOCKET AND WIRES FOR MIDI OUTPUT - To help you get started as soon as possible, the parts required for the MIDI output are included in the box. However, as the permutations of possible connections can vary between the range of instruments, we are not currently supplying mini-jack connectors with the items. Suitable components are detailed on the Connector Recommendations page.

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Ever wanted your instrument to be available in a colour other than the standard plain and boring grey?
Ever wanted your Volca Bass to look more like a real 303?
Maybe you'd like somewhere to externalise all those internal CV/audio points and add a MIDI output to your device?.. (as it was designed)

We have the solution to your problems.
Choose from a variety of finishes - Shiny gold and silver, classic white, and intriguing translucent (see the internal LED's shine through!).

Choose the extended 'Max' case with hole-blanks for a 5-pin DIN and six mini-jack connectors.
These allow for a real MIDI output and up to twelve CV/audio connections (using TRS mini-jack sockets).

Designed to be a drop-in replacement for the original case, using the existing battery tray, battery cover, and speaker mounting.
Tested with the Volca Bass and FM.
Should fit all other models as they have the same cases.