Assembly Instructions - Standard Case

What you'll need

For the Standard edition, you'll just need a small cross-point screwdriver.

"Here's one we prepared earlier!"

  • Remove the battery cover and the batteries.

  • Remove the screws indicated with the red circles from the existing base.

  • You should have 7 larger screws and 7 smaller ones.
    Keep them safe!

  • Gently push the battery tray 'into' the case (Indicated here by the red box) to remove it from the base.

  • Once that is out, gently but firmly remove the speaker cover and speaker from the case.
    Please note, the speaker is (lightly) stuck into its recess.
    Do not poke the speaker from the outside of the case to get it out, as you may break the diaphragm!

For the Standard edition:

Reverse the instructions to reassemble your instrument with the stylish new case.

  • Ensure that the internal indents adjacent to the battery-side corner holes are clear - this helps reduce strain on the corners of the battery tray when you are fitting it in.

  • The battery tray may feel a bit tight, but it should just clip in. Locate the tray into the outer edge of the case, then push the tray from inside (nearest the four smaller screw holes) to get the inside-corners (indicated above by the red box) to clip into where they should be - flush with the new case.

  • Screw in the battery tray.

  • Re-insert the speaker into its hole, ensuring that the wires are in the notch.

  • Screw the speaker cover back on, ensuring the speaker stays in the hole.

  • Fit the instrument back into the case - it should then sit flush with the top of the case (as per the original).

  • Re-insert the larger screws to hold the instrument together.

  • Move the rubber feet from the old case to the new one.

  • Marvel at your music technology re-assembly skills! :)

  • Turn on your instrument and make some music.